New coffee designs in the kitchen!

If you can't start your day without your coffee, these designs are perfect for you.

There are some new playful penguins sliding on the ice and having a great time! They are waiting for you! Stop over in the winter season and take a look.

It's never too early to start your Halloween stitching.

Look at the pretty flowers in the garden!

Follow the Midway sign to the Amusement Park!

Basketball designs are on sale in the Sports Arena

Follow this cute little puppy!

Applique Ladybug Circles

New set at the little country church!

Check out the yard sale!


There are lace ornaments and doilies in the dining room. Such beautiful designs, you need to go see them. And the price is unbeatable!

Click here to head over to the dining room.

Free Standing Lace Hockey Skate Ornament. Make one for your favorite hockey player! 
You can find the hockey players in the Sports Arena.

You can find the ice rink if you just go down the road. It's after the schoolhouse and the little country church. It's pretty easy to find and the place looks great.

Applique Wood Friends

How cute for the little ones! Make a bib or a blanket. You can find them in the backyard.








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