Hyfi's House

Add a splash of embroidery to your life!


Check out this applique lava lamp and these sunglasses. Both are in the Vintage Shop!

Another diner popped up along route 66!

This fun retro atom is at the school house.

Applique cookies in the kitchen! Go make some!

This cute applique turkey is pleading with you! You need to save it! Click on the photo.

Over at the school there are men and women sharing their careers with the students. 

Come on over and see who is there today!

Some frogs hopped over to the barnyard and are playing in the pond!

I was in the pet shop just now and came across 10 lovely birds. One of them is FREE!!!

Another card for you! This cute Easter design can be found in the attic in the Easter decorations box.  Or click on the photo to go right to the design!

I thought I would add some birds to my den. Why dont you stop in to see what song they are singing?

New at the Little Country Church - Noah's Ark

Available as a filled set and/or a set to stitch on cards!


Have you been in the kitchen lately? Besides all the freebies for you in there, there is also a great selection of recipies! 

Grab a cup of coffee and browse through the recipe book.

The speed skaters have arrived for their competition!

Click on the picture to go to the Sports Arena.

There is a new set of cards fluttering around! Head over to the drawer of cards in the den and take a look!

Cute Thanksgiving Applique. These circles are only 2"!

Light up your holidays with this cute set of greetings! Click on the picture to see the whole set!

It's a new set of applique designs. Who doesn't love a snowglobe? There are so many creative ways to do these designs. I hope you find some great colorful ways to make your snowglobes!

Click HERE to go check out what is happening this winter!

Click on the individual photos to go directly to the page for that design / set. 

I LOVE in the hoop designs. This duck is so much fun! 

Click HERE to check out my other duck key fobs you can make.

DIY Card

DIY Card

DIY Card

In the hoop gift tags

Get me to the church on time!

Add words to your cards with this set of greetings designed specifically for stitching on card stock!

This lovely set of words are found in the Holiday Decorations in the Attic, 

But you can use them for just about any occasion!

His and Hers Applique designs. Click on the photo to head over to the powder room!

New card designs in the kiitchen!

There is a freebie in this set! 

Check it out in the winter backyard.