Welcome to the Vintage Shop

you break it, you bought it!

Check out the great retro toys and gadgets I picked up on my trip. These are great, and they can really bring back some wonderful memories.

If there is something you want but cant find here, let me know and I will see what I can do to locate it for you.

Retro Sunglasses $2.25

Retro Pedal Car $2.25

Applique Lava Lamp $2.25

Retro Radio $2.25

Fallout Shelter $2.25

Toy Rocket $2.25

Poodle Skirt $2.25

Retro Sunglasses $2.25

I Like Ike $2.25

Ike and Dick $2.25

Pat for First Lady $2.25

Roller Skate $2.25

Fuzzy Dice $2.25

Presto Timer $2.25

Cat Border $2.25

Cat Statue $2.25

Retro Clock $2.25

Vintage TV $2.25

Reindeer $2.25

Xylophone $2.25