Welcome to my Road Trip

are we there yet?

Come along with me on my trip!

Here is the itinerary:

We will be starting in Illinois and finishing the trip in California.

I hope you enjoy the scenery as well as the pit stops and shopping along the way. I have been planning this for quite some time!

First thing's first - a good solid set of luggage.
They don't make them like they used to! I have my grandmother and grandfather's suitcases. I can only imagine the trips they went on with those suitcases!
Feel free to remove the text from the design if you like!

Travel Suitcases $2.25

Historic Route 66 State Road Signs $5.50

Pit Stop!

Take a break from the drive and have a bite to eat.

There are so many attractions to see and places to stay along Route 66.

Step into the past and take home some great retro items.

Have some laughs and fun tonight! The lanes are always open.

Free atomic starburst designs!